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Dark Skies at Black Burn Lodge

Black Burn Lodge is situated on the edge of the Northumberland International Dark Sky Park, Europe’s biggest area of protected night sky, covering 580 sq miles. It is gold star quality, the highest possible rating from the international dark sky association. Under our skies your eyes can feast on up to 2000 stars at any one time, you can even see the Andromeda Galaxy, a galaxy similar to our own Milky Way.

From October to March the nights are properly dark, the Milky Way is overhead shimmering and star clusters look fantastic. Meteor showers like Leonids look fantastic in November. The sky is almost transparent in December and January as the temperatures dip. Star clusters and magnificent constellations like Orion grace the sky. The rewards can be amazing!

We have our own Skywatcher 200mm telescope through which on a clear night you can view all the excitement of the skies , observing Jupiter , Saturn with it’s rings and of course the moon a magnificent sight with abundant craters being our closest celestial neighbour.

The Kielder Observatory and Dark Skies discovery sites are but a 30 minute drive away  Their evening events are much in demand and should be booked in advance.

Another fantastic reason to book a winter break in our unusual B & B!


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